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The Hotels Ecosystem

Operandi is built, maintained and developed by like-minded hoteliers, asset and hotel management companies.

Operandi is a companion and a solution to hoteliers evolving in an ecosystem characterized by a scattered and fragmented market into segments, sources, stakeholders, partners, seasons…that is managed using compartmentalized and partitioned tools: PMS, POS, Accounting System, CRS, RMS, Digital Reputation… which led to “Data silos” infrastructure resulting from the use of a variety of tools and platforms, nay a single tool built.

Although sitting on a data mine, so useful to make effective business decisions, hoteliers rarely mined their data due to the lack of business intelligence tools coupled to hardware limitations, connectivity speed slowness as well as “hermetic” software and systems.

Operandi offers a tailor make transversal reading, reporting and analysis of all aspects of the hotel revenue and operational financial data, instantly.

It provides a top-down analysis through dashboards, graphs, tables and market surveys, the user can tailor makeup to his needs using dynamic dimensions and multiple filters.

Operandi allows analysis of historical, actual and future BoB and financial data by referencing to previous periods and budgets.

From the headquarter, or while travelling and working remotely, Operandi allows you to analyze and drive your business using a PC, a laptop or a tablet.

Being a web-based SaaS, it neither requires any investment in technology nor in hardware.

Analytically Innovative Software-as-a-Service

No matter how big you are, what matters, how fast you react.
Therefore, you need access to accurate information, instantly without having to construct spreadsheets, ratios, graphs and trends… that are time and energy consuming. You need Operandi that integrates, organize and presents your data and a variety of information at one address with multidimensional and diversified filtering options providing instant, flexible user-friendly access to useful reports, dashboards and tables…
Operandi, offers Multi-property automated real-time data visualization, for all aspects of your revenue and operational financial performance, you can tailor make instantly.


VISUALIZE Information from various sources in one screen and focus on key information

CONSOLIDATE Multi-property in a friendly to read dashboard allowing you to optimize performance at the cluster or group levels

OPTIMIZE Improve your property’s productivity, revenue and bottom line


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