Freshwater Hospitality.Money Initiative

 Freshwater Hospitality.Money Initiative


APLBC is a stakeholder in Freshwater which is establishing the Hospitality.Money initiative.


Rick Schultheis has been a GM in many Hotels around the world and has a firm understanding of Hospitality and its complexities.

He has joined Freshwater so he can pass on his knowledge of a new and exciting concept for you.  The Hospitality.Money initiative has been developed specifically for the Hospitality industry to establish a new paradigm for money in Hospitality that has the potential for significant benefits for the industry.

The Hospitality.Money initiative will represent an unprecedented milestone in the hospitality industry. Its operation of a Blockchain on the Stellar Network will facilitate global connectivity and help ensure a channel that can be utilized by the entire industry.


Services provided under the Hospitality.Money initiative include the following:


1.  Blockchain Facilitated Invoice Financing Services 


90 days interest free finance provision for Corporate customers would provide a good incentive for corporate business. This would be offered to consortium members on a shared resource basis. Should participating hotels wish to operate their own bespoke programme, they would need to provide quite a bit of infrastructure and deploy a smart contracts programme. As such, they would benefit from the Hospitality.Money initiative.


2.  Marketing & Subscriber Notification Services                                                                                          


The subscribers offered to hotels via the toolbox would be B2B, the intention would be to use them to drive corporate business.


  3. Address Provision enabling the sending & receipt of Payments on the Blockchain


The Provision of Hospitality.Money Stellar addresses will be something that could be used everywhere, rather like an email address, and would enable hotels to send and receive Payments on the Blockchain outside the Freshwater Programme.


4. Advantageous rates for Currency Transactions


Getting advantageous rates for Currency transactions would be an enhanced ancillary benefit, as they would be able to access potential buyers and/or sellers globally via the Stellar Platform.


Other partners in the APLBC Toolbox can join the Hospitality.Money Initiative and use Hospitality.Money services above and connect the services to their own their networks.

Special Opening Package Price for 12 months:   £500

75% Discount for 1st five organizations

  • Email Support Included

  • Network fees would be additional. These would average around 0.1 US cents per transaction

  • Customized Services for Hotels can be provided on request



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